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Future Visions of the Smart Agri-Business

Aiming for smart agriculture together
Through opportunities presented by Smart Vegetable Garden, Seraku Corporation is looking to expand into smart agriculture, agriculture which implements ICT. That is why, we are looking for partners who will work with us and join us in collaborative research.

Agricultural Meterial Manufacturers
The combination of ICT and various instruments and sensors, may be able to improve work and production efficiency. For example, if sensors are installed on a farm field to automatically measure environmental information, the task of going around to perform manual field monitoring can be eliminated. Would you like to join us in developing these kinds of products?
Agricultural System Venders
Together, let's develop more easy-to-use, user-friendly systems by combining existing systems (e.g cultivation management, distribution management, and quality management systems) with Seraku's smartphone applications and cloud/web technologies.
Universities and Companies
We are looking for universities and companies that can work with us in joint research ventures. Through joint research, we believe that we can create a bright future for agriculture by creating the structure of smart agriculture using ICT.
Seraku doesn't have enough knowledge of agriculture. That is why we want to work with farmers to discover what ICT can do for agriculture. We are looking for farmers who would be willing to introduce the systems we develop in their farmlands and then verify the benefits of those systems.
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